Custom Guitars/Lutherie

Custom Classical and Steel String Guitars

Hand-built guitars made to specification from the finest materials

Every custom musical instrument I produce is an original design handcrafted with ideal specifications to best serve the player. I start by interviewing my client to determine how to build with their individual playing style in mind. Tone, playability and aesthetics are factors I consider to further refine the design and materials. Ultimately this results in the best instrument for an enriched and personalized musical experience, whether that be playing at home or performing on stage.

During the building process there are countless decisions made responding to the needs of wood. Great instruments cannot be built with a cookie cutter approach as every piece of wood will feel and sound a little different and needs a unique approach.

Every player also has their own style and sound that benefits from a custom designed instrument. Design features are the way to achieve this. Several of my methods include utilizing arm bevels, wedge shaped bodies and unconventional scale lengths as solutions for optimizing instruments to the individual player.


Classical Model 2 - Koa Build - Nathaniel Rich, Luthier
  • Classical Guitars start at a price of $6850 (plus GET tax 4.71%)
  • Standard model comes with Engelmann Spruce or Western Red Cedar top and Indian Rosewood back and sides. See below for all build options.
  • Available in 4/4 and 7/8ths with Custom Features

Steel String

Concert Steel String - Sitka Spruce Top - Nathaniel Rich, Luthier
  • Steel String guitars start at $6850  (Plus GET 4.71%)
  • Standard Model comes with Sitka Spruce or Engelmann Spruce and Indian Rosewood Back and Sides.
  • Concert Steel and Grand Concert Steel with Custom Features. See below for all build options.


Classical Guitar with Beveled Armrest

Beveled Armrest (all models)

This feature is built into the instrument allowing the builder to create a smooth rounded edge that does not dig into the player’s arm. Small bevels go a long way increasing comfort for hours of practice.

Classical Guitar with Beveled Armrest

Wedge Body (all models)

Developed in 1984 by Linda Manzer, the Manzer Wedge reduces the thickness of the bass side of the guitar and increases the treble giving the feel of a thin body guitar without modifying the traditional helmholtz or sacrificing sound. I like to create a difference of only 1cm between the bass and treble side of the guitar, therefore making a subtle change that still works with conventional cases and still relieves stress on the right shoulder.
Classical Guitar with Beveled Armrest

Elevated Fingerboard (all models)

Elevated fingerboards improve the access to the high register of the guitar without reducing the soundboard area like a cutaway does. Slightly modifying the neck projection allows the builder to extend the neck wood on top of the soundboard effectively lifting the fretboard to an accessible position reducing strain on the wrist

All Wood Lattice

Interlocking Bracing system or Lattice (all models)

This is my favorite bracing design which supports the soundboard via a wooden grid that transfers vibration equally and effectively. This system is generally louder and more responsive but still sounds like a traditional guitar.

Guitars in Process


Justin Purtill

“So happy to have picked up this beauty from Nathaniel Rich the other day! It’s a real masterpiece. As soon as I played it, I knew this puppy was going to seriously affect my (already greatly diminished) social life…. because now all I want to do is practice ????. Thanks Nathaniel, I’ve been searching for an axe like this for some time.”

Justin Purtill

Guitarist, International Performing Artist

Patrick Day

Nathaniel custom built a classical guitar for me in 2017. Since then I have played this beautiful instrumental almost every day. It was built to fit the size of my hands so I can play it comfortably while maintaining a great sound. When it’s time for me to acquire my next guitar I will definitely be talking to Nathaniel.
Patrick Day

Guitar Player

Michael Braun

“I love the balance, projection, and sweet tone I get out of my Hollis-Rich guitar. There is a robust sound, yet it maintains the ability to get a wide range of colors, making it suitable for many performing situations.”

Michael Braun

Classical Guitar Educator

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